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Lesson 4: Talking about Feelings

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Talking about the weather

Have a look at the following pictures showing different weather conditions. Below each picture you find the Spanish phrase that describes each type of weather:

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Spanish.

hace mal tiempo
(the weather is bad)

hace buen tiempo
(the weather is good)

hace fresco
(it's chilly)

hace frío
(it's cold)

hace calor
(it's hot)

hace viento
(it's windy)

hace sol
(it's sunny)

está nublado
(it's foggy)

está nevando
(it's snowing)

está lloviendo
(it's raining)

To ask about the weather in Spanish, say: ¿Qué tiempo hace?

To tell someone, how the weather is going to be, you can use the future tense with a form of the verb 'ir', exactly like we have learned it in the last lesson:
Esta noche va a hacer fresco.Tonight, it's going to freeze.
Mañana va a hacer calor.Tomorrow it's going to be hot.

Carefull! Maybe you have noticed that three of the phrases above are formed with the verb 'está', while all others use 'hace'. Some of those expressions with 'está' are transformed differently into the future.
Hoy está nublado.Mañana va a estar nublado.

This was still exactly as you would expect, but now pay attention to the following two expressions:
Hoy está nevando.BUT: Mañana va a nevar.
Hoy está lloviendo.BUT: Mañana va a llover.

¿Qué tiempo va a hacer mañana? You are a reporter for a South American news station and are responsible for the weather report. Can you say in Spanish how the weather is going to be like tomorrow in the different countries of South America? Use the future tense with 'ir' and the word 'mañana' (tomorrow).

Bolivia + it is raining
Va a llover en Bolivia mañana.

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1) Argentina + it is foggy
2) Chile + it is snowing
3) Paraguay + it is sunny
4) Peru + it is hot
5) Venezuela + it is windy
6) Brasil + the weather is good

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