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Lesson 4: Talking about Feelings

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The verb 'tener' and its uses

You can use the verb 'tener' (to have) in Spanish to express the fact that someone has or owns something.

1styo tengo
(I have)
nosotros tenemos
(we have)
2ndtú tienes
(you have)
vosotros tenéis
(you have)
3rdél/ella tiene
(he/she has)
ellos/ellas tienen
(they have)

Tengo un perro.I have a dog.
¿Tiene Pablo un carro nuevo?Does Pablo have a new car?
Tienen unos discos fantásticos.They have some fantastic records.

Here are some expressions with 'tener' to tell someone, what disease someone else has.
tener gripeto have the flutener catarroto have a cold
tener fiebreto have fevertener tosto have a cough
tener dolor de cabezato have a headachetener dolor de estómagoto have a stomachache
tener dolor de gargantato have a sore throattener dolor de muelas
tener dolor de espaldato have a backache

¿Tienes dolor de cabeza?Do you have a headache?
No tengo catarro.I don't have a cold.

To tell someone that you have to do something, you can use a form of 'tener' plus the preposition 'que' plus an infinitive. Sort of like 'You have (tener) to do your homework!'.
Tengo que practicar ahora.I have to practice now.
Tienen que ir al supermercado.They have to go to the supermarket.

Finally you can use 'tener' (to have) as well to indicate that you fell like doing something. Therefore, take the right form of 'tener' plus the expression 'ganas de' plus an infinitive:
Tenemos ganas de dar un paseo.We feel like taking a walk.
Esteban no tiene ganas de cantar.Esteban doesn't feel like singing.

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