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Lesson 4: Talking about Feelings

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The indefinite article

To identify people or things, we use the indefinite article. Here are all indefinite articles in the Spanish language listed in a table:

masculineun discounos discos
feminineuna fiestaunas fiestas

Un and una are equivalent to the English a or an.
Es un carro.It's a car.
Quiere una bicicleta.He wants a bike.

Unos and unas can be translated into English through 'some', 'a couple', or 'a few':
Aquí hay unos profesores.There are some teachers here.
¿Hay unos estudiantes aquí?Are there a few students here?
Quiere unas tarjetas.I want to buy a couple of cards.

These indefinite articles in their plural forms are often omitted though, like it is also common practice in English:
¿Aquí hay tarjetas en español?Do you have post cards in Spanish?

Finally: To ask, what something is, you say:
¿Qué es esto?What is this?
¿Qué es eso?What is that?

Here are a few things, with which you can answer the questions '¿Qué es esto?' or '¿Qué es eso?'.

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la cámara

el reloj

el radio

el televisor

el tocadiscos
(record player)

la grabadora
(tape recorder)

la moto

la computadora

la máquina de escribir

el bote

el perro

el gato

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