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Lesson 4: Talking about Feelings

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Some vocabularies to express feelings

Try to memorize the following expressions, which all have something to do with expressing your feelings. Thereby, do not pay too much attention to the grammatical constructs, but rather learn these expressions as a whole, since all of them are so called idioms. It's generally hard or impossible to translate Idioms literally into another language.

When you are happy about something, you can use the following phrases:
¡Qué bueno!How great!/Super!¡Cuánto me alegro!I'm so glad!


On the contrary, if you are sad or you feel sorry for something, say one of the following:
¡Qué pena!What a pain!¡Cuánto me siento!
¡Qué lástima!Terrible!, What a crap!

In case you have very negative thoughts, maybe you can use the following expressions:
¡Qué tontería!How stupid!, How ridiculous!¡Qué importa!Who cares?
¡Qué pesado!How annoying!, How boring!

Lastly, you can express a surprise or something incredulous to you with the following sentences:
¡No me digas!Don't tell me!¡No puede ser!That's impossible!
¿De veras?Really?

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