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Lesson 3: Talking about doing Things

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Talking about locations and directions

If you want to talk about, where you want to go, you can use the verb 'ir' (to go) together with the preposition 'a':
Andrés va a la escuela.Andrés is going to school.
Van a los partidos de fútbol.They go the the soccer games.

If the preposition 'a' is followed directly by the Spanish article 'el', both words merge to 'al':
Vamos al (a el) cine.Let's go to the movie theatre.
Caridad va al (a el) concierto.Caridad goes to the concert.

The question words ¿adónde? (where to) and ¿cuándo? (when) are often used in questions together with the verb 'ir':
¿Adónde vas ahora?Where are you going now?
¿Cuándo vas a estudiar?When are you going to study?

The following vocabularies all describe common locations in any city. Try to memorize the Spanish meaning of these locations.
Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Spanish.

la iglesia

la oficina

el banco

el teatro

el aeropuerto

el terminal de autobuses
(bus station)

la piscina

el hotel

el restaurante

el estadio

el museo

el parque

la plaza

el cine
(movie theatre)

el supermercado

el café

la playa

el correo
(post office)

la tienda

la biblioteca

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