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Lesson 3: Talking about doing Things

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The simple future tense with 'ir'

In order to say in Spanish, what you are going to do next, you can use a form of the irregular verb 'ir' (to go). The following table shows, how this verb is conjugated correctly:

1styo voy
(I go)
nosotros vamos
(we go)
2ndtu vas
(you go)
vosotros vais
(you go)
3rdél/ella va
(he/she goes)
ellos/ellas van
(they go)

The verb 'ir' can have different meanings depending on the different situations, in which it is used:
Usted va mucho al cine.You often go to the cinema. (a repeating activity)
¿Vas a salir esta noche?Are you going to go out tonight? (a single, non-recurring action)
¿Él va a la escuela en España?He goes to school in Spain? (An ongoing activity)

When you want to express, what you want to do next, use the future tense. The future tense with 'ir' is formed by using the correct form of the verb 'ir' (depending on the person) plus an infinitive:
Voy a trabajar.I'm going to work.
José va a descansar en una hamaca.José is going to rest in a hammock.
¿Qué vas a hacer?What are you going to do?

With the construction 'Vamos a ...', you can express that you want to do something with the entire group you are in. It's equivalent to saying 'Let's ....'.
Vamos a jugar fútbol.Let's play soccer.
Vamos a salir.Let's go out.

Finally: Here are a few expressions, which you can use to say, when exactly you are going to do something:
ahoranowmás tardelater
hoytodayalgún díaone day
prontosoonesta nochetonight
primerofirsteste fin de semanathis weekend

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