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Lesson 3: Talking about doing Things

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A few new vocabularies

Have a look at the following vocabularies describing common activities and try to memorize them:

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jugar boliche
(to bowl)

andar en bicicleta
(to ride a bike)

hacer gimnasia
(to do gymnastics)

trabajar en la computadora
(to work on the computer)

tocar el piano
(to play the piano)

dar un paseo
(to take a walk)

hablar por teléfono
(to talk on the phone)

trabajar en el jardín
(to work in the garden)

descansar en una hamaca
(to rest in a hammock)

sacar fotos
(to take pictures)

(to travel)

salir con los amigos
(to go out with friends)

Pepe is a good friend of Joaquín and he would like to loose some pounds. Can you tell what he will do about it by forming sentences with 'yo quiero' (I want) and 'yo no quiero' (I don't want)?

descansar en una hamaca
No quiero descansar en una hamaca.

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1) bailar
2) hacer gimnasia
3) sacar fotos
4) estudiar
5) andar en bicicleta

Alexander is not very athletic and rather likes to study and do artistic things. Which of the two given activities for each question would he prefer?

andar en bicicleta o tocar el piano
Me gusta mas tocar el piano.

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1) ver television o dar un paseo
2) hacer gimnasia o estudiar
3) trabajar en la computadora o jugar boliche
4) salir con los amigos o sacar fotos
5) jugar volibol o descansar en una hamaca
6) escuchar la radio o dar un paseo
7) cantar o esquiar

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