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Lesson 3: Talking about doing Things

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Review: Lesson 2

Similar to what we did in Lesson 2, we now want to review the previous lesson and once again repeat its grammar and vocabularies. Mainly, Lesson 2 dealt with the following topics: 'me gusta' and 'me gustan'; country names; numbers; adjectives.

Park in Mexico City.

Exercise with numbers: The students of a summer academy in Mexico City are exchanging their addresses. What do they say in Spanish?

Fernando el Católico 34
Fernando el Católico treinta y quatro.

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1) Goya 14
2) Ronda del Toledo 28
3) José Antonio 44
4) Paseo del Prado 76
5) Alcalá 95
6) Goya 53

Exerrcise with adjectives and country names. You are explaining a map in an atlas to your little son. One at a time, he points to the different countries and asks you, whether that country is big, small, cold or hot. What do you answer him? Use the adjectives 'grande' (big), 'pequeño' (small), 'frio' (cold) and 'caliente' (warm/hot).

Russia (muy grande)
Es Russia. Es muy grande.

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1) England (pequeño)
2) Canada (frio)
3) Panamá (muy caliente)
4) USA (grande)
5) Brasil (bastante grande)

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