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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Rebeca is an exchange student in Mexico and discusses the schedule with the principal of her new school. Read the following dialogue and try to understand the meaning of new words through their context. After that, answer the questions below in English.

Rebeca: Buenas tardes, señor Dávila. Me llamo Rebeca Wilson.
Sr. Dávila: Mucho gusto, Rebeca. ¿De dónde eres?
R: Soy de los Estados Unidos. Soy estudiante de matemáticas.
D: ¿Te gustan mucho las clases de matemáticas?
R: Sí, bastante.
D: Hay una buena clase. La profesora es la señora Escalona.
R: Ah. ¿Sí? Y la clase, ¿es muy dificil?
D: No mucho.
R: ¿Quantos exámenes hay?
D: Hay quince exámenes.
R: Y la tarea, ¿es dificil?
D: Sí, toda la tarea es dificil.
R: Y la profesora, ¿cómo es?
D: La profesora es simpática, divertida y muy inteligente. ¿Te gusta estudiar?
R: Sí, me gusta bastante pero en realidad prefiero practicar desportes.

Where does Rebeca come from?
Austria !
France !
Canada !

Which subject does Rebeca like in particular?
Math !
English !
Spanish !
Arts !

How many exams does Rebeca have to pass in this class?
10 !
13 !
5 !
15 !

What does the principal think about Mrs. Escalona?
She is pretty !
She is unfriendly !
She is intelligent !
She is strict !

Is the homework for the Math class difficult?
no, it's very easy !
no, it's relatively easy !
yes, it's difficult !
yes, it's extremely difficult !

Which of the following statements from the professors about the Math classes were probably correct for Rebeca's choice?
very easy class !
too many exams !
teacher is boring !
homework is easy !
Rebeca doesn't like Math !


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