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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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The numbers from 21 to 100

In the first lesson, we studied the Spanish numbers from 0 to 20. Now, we want to go one step further and have a look at the numbers from 21 to 100.

This is how we count in Spanish in steps of ten:

Now have a look at the numbers from 21 to 29 in particular:

At last, we want to learn the numbers from 31 to 39 and try to notice a certain pattern, which we will also be able to apply to the numbers from 41 to 49, 51 to 59 and so on and so forth.
31treinta y uno36treinta y seis
32treinta y dos37treinta y siete
33treinta y tres38treinta y ocho
34treinta y cuatro39treinta y nueve
35treinta y cinco

If a number ends in '-uno' (e.g. 'treinta y uno'), and this number is placed in front of a noun, the number has to match the noun in its gender. '-uno' then becomes '-un' in front of masculine nouns and '-una' in front of feminine nouns.
¿Hay veintiun libros?Are those 21 books?
Sí, hay veintiuno.Yes, those are 21.
¡Ay, no! Hay treinta y una personas.No, there are 31 people.

'Hay' can be translated into English by using 'there is' or 'there are' or 'it is'.
Hay veintiséis estudiantes.There are 26 students.
Hay una profesora.There is a teacher (feminine).

To ask, how many there are of something, use the phrases ¿Cuántos hay? and ¿Cuántas hay?
¿Cuántos señores hay?How many men are there?
¿Cuántas señoras hay?How many women are there?

Here are some more things related to school and the classroom that we can count in the exercise thereafter.
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los lápizes
(the pencils)

los bolígrafos
(the pens)

los cuadernos
(the folders)

las chicas
(the girls)

los chicos
(the boys)

las clases
(the classes)

los estudiantes
(the students)

¿Cuántos hay? You have to do an inventory for your company. Can you tell, how many of the following things your company has?

25 librós de español
Hay veinticinco libros de español.

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1) 97 lápices
2) 29 cuadernos
3) 61 bolígrafos
4) 50 libros de ingles
5) 31 discos

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