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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Nouns and adjectives in Spanish

You already learned that nouns in Spanish are either masculine or feminine and either singular or plural. As well as with nouns, you can also assign these attributes to all adjectives (e.g. big, heavy, green, ...).

Adjectives are words that describe people and things. Therefore they have to match the noun, which they modify, in their gender (masc, fem.) and number (sing., plural). Many adjectives end in -o and are therefore masculine. You can get the feminine form by exchanging the -o with an -a at the end.

Felipe as alto.
Luisa es alta.

alto(a)tall, largebajo(a)short/small

For adjectives that end in an -e, it does not matter, whether they are placed in front of a masculine or a feminine noun. The adjective does not change its ending.

La música es popular.
El profesor es inteligente.


Exactly as you would do it with any noun, you have to add an -s to any adjective in the plural form.
el deporte popularlos deportes populares
el libro nuevolos libros nuevos
la fiesta dievertidalas fiestas divertidas

Also at any time, you can modify the adjectives you just learned with the words 'muy' (very) and 'bastante' (quite).
Mario es bastante inteligente.Mario is quite intelligent.
Lilia es muy inteligente.Lilia is very intelligent.

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