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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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'Me gustan' and 'No me gustan'

As you already learned, when you like or dislike a single thing, in Spanish, you have to use 'me gusta' or 'no me gusta'. In case you want to talk about several things (plural), which you like or dislike (e.g. 'los exámenes' (the exams)), you have to use 'me gustan' and 'no me gustan'. Please note the difference adding the ending 'n'.

Take a look at the following vocabulary list with all sorts of things in the plural form and try to memorize this list:

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Spanish.

los animales
(the animals)

los discos
(the records)

las vacaciones
(the vacations)

los exámenes
(the exams)

los libros
(the books)

las fiestas
(the parties)

los deportes
(the sports)

Jasmin is not a very serious person. She only likes parties and things that are fun and exciting. What would she say of the following things? Be careful when using the plural forms with 'me gustan' and 'no me gustan'.

los discos
Me gustan los discos.

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1) los animales
2) las vacaciones
3) los deportes
4) los libros
5) las fiestas
6) los exámenes

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