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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Review: Lesson 1

Congratulations, so far you have mastered the content of this lesson very very well and you practically reached the end of this lesson. From here on, we would like to repeat a lesson's entire grammar and vocabularies at the end of the following lesson. Thus, let's start repeating lesson 1:

Complete the following dialogue in Spanish:


1) ¿
2) Muy
3) ¿Y

?<- move over ? to see correct answer

In your Spanish class, you first have to introduce yourself to the other students. How do you tell them in Spanish, what your name is and where you are from?

Teresa Martínez
Me llamo Teresa Martínez y soy de España.

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for correct answers
1) Michael Spooner,

2) Señor Abella,

3) Keiko,

4) Claas van Breukelen,


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