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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Through the following exercise, we want to test your knowledge of the Spanish speaking countries. A few things might be familiar already from studying this lesson, some other things might be unknown and you will have to guess the correct answers. If you don't know something, take it easy, this exercise is supposed to be fun. Each question only has one correct answer. Now, how well do you know the Spanish speaking world?

Choose the right answer for the following questions.

Which big country's first spoken language in South America is NOT Spanish?
Argentina !
Brasil !
Colombia !
Peru !

What was the name of the Spanish queen that sponsored Chistopher Columbus with important funds for his trips?
Isabella !
Camilla !
Diana !
Mercedes !
Frida !

Which Island or group of Islands does not belong to Spain?
Menorca !
the Canary Islands !
Mallorca !
Ibiza !
Madeira !

Which city in the US has a Spanish speaking population of more than one Million?
New Orleans !
Chicago !
New York !
Houston !

What do you say in a Spanish speaking country when someone sneezes?
caramba !
ay, dios !
verdad !
salud !
vamonos !

Which Caribbean island with a Spanish speaking population is administered by the United States of America?
Cuba !
Dominican Republic !
Puerto Rico !
Jamaica !

Which Latin American soccer club won the Copa Libertadores, the Equivalent to the European Champions-League, in the years of 2000, 2001 and 2003?
Boca Juniors (Argentina) !
Chivas (Mexico) !
Alianza Lima (Peru) !
Sao Paolo (Brasil) !


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