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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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As you might have noticed already: Sometimes you have to put so called accents on top of some letters (Á, é, etc..) or type the ñ letter into an input field. For example, to put a 'ú' into an input field, write 'u' and then press the accent button (), which is always located on the right side of the respective input field. The 'u' will change into a 'ú'. To type an 'ñ', simply write 'n' and then again press the -button.

In this next exercise, you can test, how well you know the Spanish numbers from zero to twenty.

The official currency in Spain is the Euro. One Euro is further split into 100 'Euro Cents'.

You are visiting a friend in Valencia Spain. Your luggage got lost at the airport so that you have to go and buy some basic things. Write into the text-fields the prices of the following items:

= 15 €
quince €

= 4 €
= 3 €
= 2 €
= 8 €
= 5 €
= 11 €

Now click the "check"-button


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Adds an accent to the last letter of the input-field or changes 'n' to 'ñ'
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