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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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After you studied the vocabularies to this lesson, you can now try your luck with our exercises. Please be advised that you do not have to memorize perfectly all vocabularies. Simply spend some time in our vocabulary section using all our helpful learning-tools. You will also repeatedly hit on already known words throughout our courses, so that you will learn new words also by simply seeing them frequently in the text.

To complete the following exercise, you have to fill out the white input-fields according to the given task. Once you are done doing so, press the "check"-button at the bottom of the page. You will then be given information on how many mistakes you made or whether you solved the exercise without mistakes. Wrong answers will be marked with red, correct ones with green. You can the correct the wrong fields and try again by clicking the "check"-button once again. You can repeat pressing the button as often as you want until everything is correctly entered into the fields, or - in case you really don't know an answer - click the "solve"-button. The exercise sections are there to help you deepen the newly learned grammar and vocabularies. Now, have a lot of fun while solving the tasks.

Complete the following short dialogues by putting the correct words into the input fields.

Buenos días, señor Martínez. ¿Cómo está _____?usted
Bien, _______! ¿Y usted?gracias

Buenas tardes Ernesto. ¿  estás?
Bastante bien,  . ¿Y tú?
Pues, así  .

Buenas noches, señor Hostos. ¿Cómo  usted?
 , gracias. ¿  usted?
Muy bien, gracias.

Hola. Me  Claudia. ¿Y cómo  llamas?
 llamo Michael.

Hola Marlene!
 Rita. ¿Cómo  ?

Now click on the "check"-button


Press the green "next"-button to proceed to the next exercise.

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