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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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A third exercise

How do you like your first Spanish exercises so far? The first words and phrases in an unknown language are usually a little difficult. So don't be frustrated. You are doing great so far.

On your trip through Colombia, you meet many people. What would you say to them in the following situations?

in the evening
Buenas noches.

The beach of San Andres in Colombia

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1) in the hotel in the morning
2) after lunch, when you expect to see that person later that day
3) in a gift store in the afternoon
4) You say "Good bye" after dinner
5) when you leave the group very late at night
6) You want to know, how your friend is doing
7) in the bus in the morning
8) You want to know someone's name
9) You want to introduce yourself to someone

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