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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Reasons to learn Spanish

Communication in the Spanish speaking world
Today, Spanish is spoken by over 300 Million people worldwide. It is the official first language in South- and Central America, with the exceptions Haiti, Surinam, Guyana and Brasil. Additionally, Spanish is spoken by about 40 Million Spaniards in Spain and on the various Spanish Islands in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Hispanic Immigration to the USA
The fifth biggest Spanish speaking community worldwide as of today lives in the United States of America. There are four large cities in the US, in which more than a Million people speak Spanish as their first and native language. In particular those are New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Des Moines. Altogether 30 Million native citizens of the US speak Spanish, which accounts for about 12% of the overall population. The effect that these people have on North American culture is enormous and can be seen everywhere. In particular, one has to mention the various Latin American and Spanish restaurants, bars and clubs in the big cities, the many different Spanish TV stations, newspapers and magazines, as well as festivals and parades.

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