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Picture of the month: Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru, was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. The name 'Lima' is thought to be derived from the Quechuan 'rimaq', which means talking.
Welcome to this new website "BabelNation.com/Spanish". We offer you free Spanish courses, -exercises and -exams. If you are an Spanish teacher, you might want to design you own worksheets here and assign them as homework to your Spanish students. If you do not like expensive Spanish courses or tutors, then you have found the right solution for you. Use this unique opportunity with "BabelNation.com/Spanish" to interactively learn and study Spanish on the internet. The best thing about us: Our Language classes are completely free of charge.

What does "BabelNation.com/Spanish" offer?
Our website contains several Spanish lessons, through which you will gain enough language skills to easily understand a conversation and communicate with other people in a Spanish speaking country. "BabelNation.com/Spanish" is completely interactive. While studying, the following interactive features will make learning Spanish with us a fun and exciting experience.

1) Listen to countless Spanish sound examples.
2) Use our many different and interactive vocabulary trainers to improve your listening, spelling and memorizing skills.
3) Fill out exercises and exams, submit them, and have them checked immediately by our website.
4) Enjoy the beautiful design of our websites with lots of pictures and interactive features to make learning Spanish with us a fun experience.

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What's new?
NEW!! Our Spanish Language Forum is now online. You can read about studying Spanish and also traveling to the Spanish speaking world. You can post new topics in the forums and reply to other members' posts.

NEW The fourth lesson is available now. We are currently working on the 5th lesson.

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