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Screenshots of "BabelNation.com"

Have a look at some screenshots of our free language courses. You can click on each picture to go directly to the respective page.

German, Lesson 1, page 3: An exercise where you can guess and then check your answer by moving the mouse over the question-mark fields.

Spanish, Lesson 3, crossword puzzle: You like solving crossword puzzles? There is one puzzle in each lesson, where you can test your language and vocabulary skills.

German, Lesson 2, page 2: New vocabularies are usually introduced through little pictures with a little sound-button to hear the correct pronunciation for each new word.

German, Lesson 2, exercise B: After each language lesson, you can test and practice the grammar you have learned through our interactive exercises. Have your input checked and corrected right away by our system.

Spanish, Lesson 1, vocabularies: Each lesson offers many different ways to practice the new vocabularies in a fun interactive way. Here is an example of our picture-shuffle game. Assign each new word to a given picture by moving the word on top of the picture, then check your guesses.

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