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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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This is the last exercise of this lesson. After this, you should take a short break, or, in case you are still not tired, you can click on the blue transfer-button, which will take you back to the courses overview. From there you can start directly with the second Portuguese lesson.

In this last exercise, we do not want to test your grammatical comprehension, but rather check on your general knowledge about Portugal, Brasil and the other Portuguese speaking countries. Therefore, see this exercise more as a fun thing at the end of a long studying phase. For each question in this exercise, there is only exactly one correct answer.

Choose the correct answer for each of the following questions about Portuguese culture and history.

Which is the biggest city in Brasil with respect to the number of citizens?
São Paolo !
Rio de Janeiro !
Brasilia !
Fortaleza !

Which two colors ornate Portugal's flag?
red and green !
yellow and red !
green and white !
blue and white !

Despite its European roots, which ritual, atypical for the European carnival, is celebrated at the Brasilian carnival?
firecrackers are being shot !
people drink lots and lots of water !
the shops are closed during the day and only open at night !
water is being splashed to purify the body !
food is being collected for charity !

Which city in Northern Africa, which today is a Spanish exclave, was conquered on the 21st of August 1415 by Portuguese under king John I?
Casablanca !
Casa Nova !
Ceuta !

Which is the capital of today's Portugal and how do the Portuguese refer to it in their mother tongue?
Lissabon !
Lisbonna !
Lisbao !
Lisbon !
Lisboa !

Which famous Brasilian soccer player, who won the soccer world cup with his national team twice in 1962 and 1970 is shown in the picture below?

Silva !
Ronaldinho !
Pelé !
Ronaldo !
Adriano !


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