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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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At this point in your studies, you should be familiar with the vocabularies of this lesson. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to learn a language without at least some vocabulary exercises. Our tip: Look at the new vocabularies of each lesson for about 20 minutes and make your life easier by using our fun vocabulary learning games (crossword-puzzles, etc..).

You can solve our exercises by putting the correct answers into the empty input fields. When you press the button "check" below, you will see, how many mistakes you have made or whether everything is correct. In case of a right answer, the input field will be highlighted in green. Should there be a mistake, we will highlight it in red. You can correct your entries and press the "check"-button as many times as you wish. Should there be a situation, in which you really don't know the answer, you can always click our "solve"-button, which will give you all the correct answers for the entire exercise. We hope that you will have fun now with our Portuguese exercises.

Complete the following short dialogue between Mónica, Tomás and Miguel at the beach of Rio de Janeiro.

Example: Mónica: __ Tomás!
Oi Tomás!
Tomás:  (Hi) Monica! Que surpresa. Como  ?.
Mónica:  estou bem.  vai você?
Tomás: Muito  . Mônica, este é Miguel. Ele  aqui de férias.
Mônica: Então você  turista! De onde você  ?
Miguel: Não, eu  sou  (tourist)!  de Brasília.
Mônica: Puxa! Então tu  da (from the) capital do Brasil.

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