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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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A few new vocabularies

In Portuguese, there are two grammatical genders, masculine (male) and feminine (female). As you probably know, there are no such genders in English as all words use the same articles, 'the' (definite article) and 'a/an' (indefinite article). The indefinite articles in Portuguese for the two genders are 'um' (masculine) and 'uma' (feminine).

Normally, nouns, which end in -o or a consonant (e.g. -r, -s, -l, -t, etc..) are masculine.

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Portuguese.

um oceano
(an ocean)

um centro
(a center)

um carro
(a car)


um país
(a country)

um hotel
(a hotel)

um jardim
(a garden)

On the other hand, nouns that end in -a or -ção are mostly feminine:

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Portuguese.


uma praia
(a beach)

uma ação
(a action)

uma estação
(a station)

Finally, words in Portuguese that end in -e, are either masculine, feminine or even both (see 'um estudiante' and 'uma estudiante'). Therefore, you unfortunately have to memorize the grammatical gender along with each noun that ends in -e or those nouns that are exceptions to the rules above.

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Portuguese.

um estudante
(a student (male))

uma estudante
(a student (female))

um restaurante
(a restaurant)

um cheque
(a cheque)

uma tarde
(an afternoon)

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