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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Correct portuguese pronunciation

Have a look at the following table and listen for each Portuguese sound to the accompanying audio examples. The audio files allow you to get a rough feeling for the right Portuguese pronunciation. Read repeatedly all examples aloud to yourself and thereby follow the sound of the examples as closely as possible.

sound/ letter: Portuguese ExamplesEnglish Examples
agato, sambamaster, rather
efesta, seloelefant, encounter
ivida, interessesteel, meet
ocomputador, comeroff, computer
uultimo, rumbaschool, rule
diph- thongsmeu, sei, serviu, boi, sou, cãoFor diphtongs (double-sounds), the vowels are pronounced separately in Portuguese

The pronunciation of the consonants is almost identical to the English pronunciation. Therefore, we only show in the table below those consonants that are pronounced differently in Portuguese and English. Again, listen to the audio examples and best repeat aloud after them.

sound/ letter: Portuguese ExamplesEnglish Examples
c (before a, e) and çcena,
, peça
c (other)caro, casacomputer
chchapeumashine, sheer
g (before e, i)gigante, geografiagelé, giraffe
g (before a, o, u)gota, aguago, garden
hhomem, horamute
rrato, caro, carrorolled 'r' (similar to the Scottish 'r')
s in the beginning, sssoupa, possosoup, satin
s between vowelscasa, casacozebra, zipper
xxale, taxisometimes like 'sh', sometimes like 'x'

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