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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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This exercise is the last of this lesson. After this, you should take a small break, or, in case you are still not exhausted enough, click the blue transfer-button , which will bring you back to the courses overview. From there, you can start directly with the second lesson.

This exercise will be less about grammar or vocabularies but rather about your knowledge of Italy. You will probably know some things, which will be asked here. Yet, other questions might be more difficult to answer. In case you don't know something, simply guess and consider this exercise more as a fun part of your learning experience with this website. There is only one correct answer for each question. Ok then, how well do you really know Italy and the Italian culture?

Try to pick the correct answer for each of the given questions.

Christopher Columbus was born around 1450 in which Italian city?
Naples !
Genua !
Florence !
Turin !
Venice !
Rome !

Which two bigger islands in the Mediterranean belong to Italy?
Mallorca and Sicily !
Sicily and Corsica !
Corsica and Sardinia !
Menorca and Sardinia !
Sicily and Sardinia !

Which description matches best the Circus Maximus in both the ancient and modern Rome?
The Circus doesn't exist anymore. We don't even know where it was located.
The Circus is totally intact until today and can be visited in Rome.
Today, the Circus is not there anymore. Solely an oval shaped park remembers us, where it has once been and how large it was.
The Circus was partly destroyed around 500 A.D. by Barbarians from Northern Europe. The remaining ruins are well-preserved until today. !

Which bigger country in Latin-America is still under a somewhat stronger influence by the Italian language?
Argentina !
Bolivia !
Brasil !
Colombia !

What does one say, when drinking together with an Italian?
mamma mia !
buona sera !
ciao !
salute !
andiamo a playa !

Which famous Italian person is shown on this chalk drawing?

Emperor Augustus !
Michelangelo !
Leonardo da Vinci !
Marco Polo !
Giuseppe Verdi !

Which Italian soccer team is often called the 'zebre' (zebras) by the Italians mainly because of its noticeable jerseys?
Juventus Turin !
AC Milan !
AS Rome !
Inter Milan !


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