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Italian for Everyone - An Interactive Italian Course for Adults and Children
Lesson 1: Getting Started

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As you might have noticed in the spelling trainer (vocabulary section), you sometimes have to put accents (à, è, etc..) into the input-fields. For example, in order to type an 'ì', just put a regular 'i' into any input-field and then press the accent-button (), which is always located on the right side of every input-field. The 'i' will then be transformed into an 'ì'.

The currency in Italy is the Euro. One Euro is further divided into 100 'Euro Cents'.

When visiting a friend in Rome, your baggage gets lost at the local airport and will only be delivered to you on the next day. Thus first of all, you will have to go shopping for some things you urgently need. Write down the prices of the following goods into the empty input-fields.

= 3 €
tre €

= 4 €
= 2 €
= 20 €
= 8 €
= 10 €
= 14 €


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