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Expressions with 'ecco', 'dov'è' and 'c'è'

The word 'ecco' in Italian means 'here is'. You can use ecco to show something to somebody:

  il libro.
Here is the book.
  la chiave, signor Osvaldo.
Here is the key, Mr. Osvaldo.
  una sedia, Marco
Here is a chair, Marco.

You probably noticed that many phrases in Italian use the apostrophe (e.g. "c'è"). The apostrophe is used sometimes when two words are merged. Let's have a look at the phrase "dov'è". The first part "dov" actually is a short for the word "dove", which means "where". Together with the word "è" (is), "dove" becomes "dov'è" (where is).
Dov'è la penna?Where is the pen?
Dov'è il professore?Where is the professor?
Dov'è Anna?Where is Anna?

Finally we want to look at a similar construction, namely "c'è". Like "dov'è", "c'è" actually contains two distinct words. The first one is "che" ('there' or 'what') and the second one is again "è" (is). Both words together merge to "c'è" (there is).
C'è il quaderno e c'è anche la chiave!There is the folder and there is also the key!

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