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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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The definite article

Similar to the two indefinite articles in Italian ('un' and 'una'), there are of course also two definite articles, which are 'il' for masculine words and 'la' for feminine words.

un libro, il libroa book, the book
un quaderno, il quadernoa folder, the folder
una penna, la pennaa pen, the pen
una lezione, la lezionea lesson, the lesson

Similar to the indefinite article 'un', which changes to 'uno' whenever the following noun starts with 's' or 'z', the definite article 'il' changes to 'lo' whenever the following noun starts with 's' or 'z':
lo studentethe student
lo studiothe study
lo ziothe uncle

Finally: When the preposition 'su' (on) stands in front of the definite article 'il', the two words 'su' and 'il' merge to 'sul'.
il libro e sul (su+il) tavolothe book is on the table

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