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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Vocabularies and an exercise

Have a look at the pictures on this page, which all represent new vocabularies of this lesson. You can listen to the correct Italian pronunciation of each word by simply clicking the blue 'Play'-buttons in the upper-left corner of each picture.

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in Italian.

una penna
(a pen)

un quaderno
(a folder)

un libro
(a book)

un tavolo
(a table)

un professore
(a professor (masc.))

una professoressa
(a professor (fem.))

uno studente
(a student)

uno zio
(an uncle)

una chiave
(a key)

una sedia
(a chair)

una scatola
(a box)

Now we want to do some exercises about the stuff, we learned thus far. Exercises are always labeled with a bold "Exercise". For the exercises within the regular pages of any lesson, you can always retrieve the correct answer for each question by moving the mouse over the -fields. In order for the exercises to really help you, you should always guess a correct answer for yourself before looking at the right solutions. That way you will find out more easily whether you understood a certain grammatical context or not.

You are participating in your Italian class for the first time and the teacher really tries to push you hard. He tries to have a real conversation with you in Italian. Can you keep up with him and complete the following text?


1) Sì,
?<- move over ? to see correct answer

2) Hai

(I have) un

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