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Lesson 8: Epilogue I

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Transform the following text into the future tense. Each input field should be filled with one sentence. Remember that the future tensen in German is formed by using a form of 'werden' (will/to become) plus the infinitive. Just as it is done in case of any other auxiliary, the infinitive goes to the very end of the sentence, no matter what.

Example: Es ist warm.
Es wird Warm sein.

1) Es ist warm.
2) Wir gehen ins Schwimmbad.
3) Ich schwimme und trinke Limonade.
4) Du schwimmst auch.
5) Aber du trinkst nur Wasser.

Now tranform the five sentences above into the future tense.
1)  .
2)  .
3)  .
4)  .
5)  .


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