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Lesson 8: Epilogue I

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Grammar review: Lesson 6

In lesson 6, we learned about different types of irregular verbs.
Remember the four different classes of irregular verbs in German?

1) The four classes of irregular verbs

- sein (to be)
- verbs irregular in the all singular forms (mostly auxiliaries: haben, müssen, sollen, wollen)
- irregular verbs with stem change e->i or e->ie (essen, nehmen, geben, sehen)
- irregular verbs with stem change a->ä (fahren, waschen, laufen, schlafen)

2) Conjugation of irregular verbs

- The first class, we have to learn by heart.

- For the second class, we remember that only the three singular forms (ich, du, er/sie/es) are irregular, whereas all three plural forms (wir, ihr, sie) are regular. So we just have to memorize the irregular changes for the singular forms.

- Finally, for the stem changing verbs (class 3 and 4), remember that you obtain the stem of a verb by cutting off the ending "-en" from the infinitive form.

Then, for verbs that change their stem from "e" to "i" or to "ie", take the first "e" in the stem and change it to "i" or "ie", respectively.

Similarly, for a->ä verbs, take the first "a" in the stem and change it to "ä".

Be careful though: Verbs of the classes 3 and 4 only change their stem for the "du" and the "er/sie/es" forms. They are perfectly regular for the "ich" and all plural forms.

For detailled tables of all conjugations of the irregular verbs, please go back to lesson 6 and have a look at pages 2 to 6

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