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Lesson 8: Epilogue I

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Vocabulary Extension II: Body Parts

In this second and last vocabulary extension of this lesson, we want to introduce some body parts to you. Study the names of the following body parts in German before you continue with the little exercise on the bottom of this page.

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der Kopf

der Mund

die Lippe

die Nase

das Auge

das Ohr

das Haar

der Arm

die Hand

der Finger
(finger (pl.))

das Bein

der Fuß

In the following exercise, we want to practice saying, how many certain body parts humans have.

For example: "We have one head.".

We would translate this sentence into German as follows:
"Wir haben einen Kopf.".

Note here that we have to use the accusative case, because 'Kopf' is the direct object in this sentence. Thus, the indefinite article 'ein' becomes 'einen' ('Kopf' is masculine and singular).

Note also, that the following sentence is wrong and would sound somewhat awkward in German: "Ich habe eins Kopf." ('eins' as in the number 1 = 'eins').

However, talking about things of which we have more than one, for instance: "We have two arms.", you can and certainly must say it like this: "Wir haben zwei Arme.", where "Arme" is the plural of "der Arm".

By using the irregular auxiliary 'haben' (to have), tell how many of the following body parts we have. Remember using the accusative case if the body part is masculine AND singular (simply switch 'ein' to 'einen').

I + head
Ich habe einen Kopf.

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1) you (sing.) + feet
2) he + mouth
3) she + hands
4) we + fingers
5) you (sing.) + legs
6) I + nose
7) we + eyes
8) she + ears

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