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Lesson 8: Epilogue I

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Vocabulary Extension I: Animals

Also, in each epilogue, we will introduce a few new vocabularies (like on this page). Not too many, just a few. Let's start on this page with learning the names of some important animals, most of which we deal with almost every day:

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der Hund

die Katze

der Vogel

die Maus

das Pferd

die Kuh

das Schwein

der Fisch

der Frosch

die Schildkröte

der Elefant

der Bär

You are visiting the 'Tiergarten' (animal-garden) or 'Zoo' in Berlin with your niece from Germany. Guess what she will say when she sees the following animals. Always use a form of the irregular verb 'sehen' (to see), which changes its stem from 'e' to 'ie' for the 'du' and 'er/sie/es' forms. Also use the indefinite article and think about the fact that 'sehen' comes with the accusative case (direct object => what do we see?).

ich + Elefant
ich sehe einen Elefant.

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1) du + Schildkröte
2) wir + Fisch
3) ich + Bär
4) wir + Frosch
5) du + Maus
6) ich + Pferd
7) du + Vogel

Try to guess the plural form of all the animals above. Thereby, remember the following things:
1) The plural definite article is always 'die'.
2) Endings in the plural usually contain an 'e'.
3) For some nouns, the stem changes from 'a' to 'ä', 'o' to 'ö', or 'u' to 'ü' (umlaut change).

der Hund
die Hunde

move mouse over ?-fields
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1) die Katze
2) der Vogel
3) die Maus
4) das Pferd
5) die Kuh
6) das Schwein
7) der Fisch
8) der Frosch
9) die Schildkröte
1) der Elefant
1) der Bär

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