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Lesson 7: Shopping and Clothing

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The spelling trainer is able to recognize if you do not know certain words and will ask you these words more often than vocabularies you already know very well.

Type into the text-field the German meaning of the English word/phrase in bold-italic, then press return. The help button can assist you with vocabularies you don't know. It will give you the first letter of a word. Press it again for the second letter, etc ... By ticking the 'show pictures'-box, the spelling trainer will present an icon for most of the words asked. Pressing will convert the last letter in the input field into an Umlaut ('ä/Ä', 'ö/Ö', or 'ü/Ü'). It will also convert an 'ss' into 'ß'. Note that these conversions are only applied to the letter(s) in front of the cursor. Watch your score. A rule of thumb is to stop the training at a score of 40.

Table    Crossword    Shuffle-Game    Listening    Spelling to exercises

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Changes the last letter(s) in input-field from non-umlaut to umlaut and from 'ss' to 'ß'
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