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Lesson 7: Shopping and Clothing

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Linda and her cousin Anne are going shopping in a Mall in Germany. Fill into the dialog below the missing words. Thereby focus particularly on the correct adjective endings.

Example: Was ______ (to want) du ______ (to buy)?
Was willst du kaufen?

1) Ich  (would like)  (a) Rock kaufen. Und du?
2) Ich  (to need)  (a)  (skirt).
3) Und ich  (to need)  (new)  (shoes).
4) Oh gut! Ich  (would like)  (black)  (boots) kaufen.
5) Brauchst du auch  (a)  (new)  (coat)?
6) Nein, ich habe zu Hause (at home) zwei  (beautiful) Jacken (pl.).


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