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Lesson 7: Shopping and Clothing

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Clothing and the basic colors

To further use adjectives in connection with nouns and to practice adjective-endings, we first want to introduce more vocabularies. Remember that Anne Becker went clothes shopping with her cousin Linda from the US. Look at the following pictures and memorize the new words related to clothing.

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in German.

der Mantel

die Jacke

der Pullover
(sweater/pullover (pl.))

das Hemd
(the shirt)

der Rock
(the skirt)

die Hose

das Kleid

der Anzug

die Socke

der Schuh

der Stiefel
(boot (pl.))

der Hut

Can you try to form the plural of all nouns above? Use the definite article 'die' and then guess the correct ending for the plural or whether the stem will change to an umlaut (ä, ö, ü).

der Mantel
die Mäntel

move mouse over ?-fields
for correct answers
1) die Jacke
2) der Pullover
3) das Hemd
4) der Rock
5) die Hose
6) das Kleid
7) der Anzug
8) die Socke
9) der Schuh
10) der Stiefel
11) der Hut

Now in order to be able to describe, what people wear and what color their clothing has, let us further consider the following German words for the most common colors:

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in German.












Using the irregular verb 'tragen' (to wear), which changes its stem from a to ä (a->ä), and following the example, construct sentences in German with 'tragen', a color (adjective) and a noun related to clothing. Note that the noun of clothing has to be in the accusative case, because it is the direct object of the sentence.

Nena - tragen - ein Kleid - blau
Nena trägt ein blaues Kleid.

move mouse over ?-fields
for correct answers
1) Wir - tragen - Hosen (pl.) - grün
2) Kirsten - tragen - einen Mantel - braun
3) Sie (she) - tragen - einen Rock - schwarz
4) Manfred - tragen - einen Hut - grau
5) Du - tragen - Stiefel (pl.) - grün
6) Hubert und Erika - tragen - Jacken (pl.) - rot
7) Ihr - tragen - Anzüge (pl.) - weiß
8) Ich - tragen - Schuhe (pl.) - schwarz
9) Margret - tragen - Socken (pl.) - blau
10) Du - tragen - ein Hemd - pink

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