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Lesson 7: Shopping and Clothing

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Fakten: Geography, Weather and Population of Austria

About 60% of Austria are mountainous and only about 30% of the country lie below 500m with respect to the sea-level. The biggest part of Autria is characterized by the Eastern Alps (Ostalpen) and by the Alpine foreland in the north. The area around Vienna (Wien) in the North East is called the Vienna basin (Wiener Becken). Various sanitariums are located at the borders of this area due to the many underground mineral springs here.

Geolographical view of Austria (Österreich). The biggest part mountainous (Alps and Alpine foreland). Only the Vienna basin in the North-East

Austria's capital is Vienna with about 1.6 million inhabitants (2.5 million including the suburbs and the surrounding land). Several international organizations are located in Wien: the OPEC, the IAEA as well as several UNO offices. Similar to Germany, Austria is a federal republic and is divided into 9 states (Bundesländer). Altogether, 8.22 million people live in Austria, of which about 12% are immigrants mainly from Russia, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro and Hungary. The official language of Austria is German, which is spoken by 98% of its population. Other accepted official languages are Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian and Slowenian. These minorities have the right for their children to be taught in these languages in schools.

A lonely house covered by snow in Austria's vast Alpine landscape.

The weather in Austria is strongly influenced by the countries countless mountain ranges. The winters are rich in snow, which is cruicial for Austria's tourist and skiing industries. In general, the climate becomes drier towards the East. In the South-Eastern area with lots of lakes, the weather resembles a little bit the mild sea climate of Mediterranean countries.

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