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Lesson 6: Eating and drinking

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When you complete the sentences on this page, be careful. Some of the input fields require only one word, where others require more than one word. Orientate yourself on the given 'Beispiel' (example).

What does Franz like? Franz doesn't like healthy food, like fruit or vegetables. He rather eats calory-rich dishes. What does he say about the following things?

Example: No apples, but beef chops
Ich mag Äpfel nicht aber ich esse gerne Gulasch.

1) No pineapple, but saussage
Ich mag  nicht, aber ich esse gerne  .

2) No fish, but pork chops
 nicht, aber ich  .

3) No juice, but beer
Ich mag  nicht, aber ich trinke gerne  .

4) No sauerkraut, but potatoes
 nicht, aber  .

5) No milk, but wine
Ich mag  nicht, aber ich  .

6) No carrots, but German egg noodles
Ich mag  nicht, aber ich esse gerne  .


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