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Lesson 6: Eating and drinking

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Constructions with 'es gibt'

On this page, we will introduce some special phrases with the verb 'geben' (to give), which are very commonly used in German. 'Es gibt ...' in German means something like 'There are ...' or 'We will have ...' or 'We are having ...'.

Was gibt es heute zu essen?
Es gibt heute Schweinefilets mit Pilzen und Wein.

Let's go back to the dialog from the very first page of this lesson and have a closer look at one particular sentence:
"Ok, das gibt es alles dort drüben."

The following table lists the most important uses of "es gibt" in German and its approximate translations in English.

Es gibt ... in Deutschland.There is ... in Germany.
Es gibt heute ... zu essen.We are having ... today. (to eat)
Was gibt es heute zu essen?What are we having today? (to eat)
Gibt es hier ...?Is there ... around here?
Das gibt es dort drüben.You/One can get it over there.
Gibt es denn sowas?It is possible?
Das gibt es doch nicht!That's impossible!

Can you tell the approximate meaning of the following sentences? Use the table above to figure out the idea behind each of these sentences.

Was gibt es heute zu esses?
What are we going to eat today?

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1) Heute gibt es Fisch mit Tomatensauce.
2) Gibt es hier einen Supermarkt?
3) Ja klar! Es gibt einen Supermarkt dort drüben.
4) Das gibt es doch nicht!

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