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Lesson 6: Eating and drinking

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Exercising irregular verbs

Now that we know everything about irregular verbs and also have more than a handfull of irregular but important verbs to use, let's practice using them in complete sentences.

When you do the following exercises, please remember that the direct object in a sentence always has to be in the accusative case (der->den, mein->meinen, sein->seinen, etc...). Thus, when you want to say "I see my dad.", use the following sentence:
"Ich sehe meinen Vater.", ok?

The following sentences are missing the verb. Fill in the correct form of one of the following irregular verbs. Each verb should only be used once: geben, nehmen, waschen, sprechen, sehen, laufen, fahren, schlafen.

Karsten ? mit Jens.
Karsten spricht mit Jens.

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1) Er ? den Film (the movie) im Kino.
2) Meine Schwester ? in den Park.
3) Sie (she) ? Auto.
4) Ich ? Silvia die CD.
5) Sie (she) ? die CD.
6) Du ? dich.
7) Nachts ? er.

Fill into the empty fields below the correct forms of the irregluar verbs given in parentheses.

(to see) deine Freundin jeden Tag (every day).
deine Freundin jeden Tag.

1) Er
(to wash) jeden Donnerstag (each Thursday) sein Auto.

2) Sie
(to speak) mit Holger.

3) Du
(to sleep) im Kino.

4) Er
(to give) Detlef den Kuli.

5) Wir
(to want) in den Park
(to run).

6) Du
(to eat) viel (a lot of) Obst.

7) Der Junge
(to run) in den Garten.

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