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Lesson 5: Talking about time & schedules

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When you do this exercise, remember that the subject and the verb switch positions is a sentence, in which the information of time is at the very beginning. If the information of time is in the middle, you can put it either behind the verb or behind the direct object (if there is one).

Add to the following sentences the information of time given in parentheses. For odd numbered sentences, put the information of time at the beginning of the sentence, for even numbered sentences, put it at a correct position in the middle of the sentence. Remember that the information of time always precedes the information of location.

Example: 1) Martha spielt Klavier (gerade)
Gerade spielt Martha Klavier.

2) Du telefonierst (sehr oft = very often)

3) Wir gehen ins Restaurant (am Mittwoch)

4) Ich fahre Auto (um fünf nach drei)

5) Ich spiele Frisbee im Garten (mittags)

6) Wir gehen ins Schwimmbad (am Dienstag)


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