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Lesson 5: Talking about time & schedules

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The months of the year

On page 5, you learned about the days of the week. Here, you will learn the months of the year. Look how easy the months are in German. There is almost no month, for which you have to change/add more than two letters in order to go from the English name to the German name or vice versa. See for yourself:

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Other useful German words when talking about the year are:
der Monatdas Jahr

All months in German are masculine (der).
To talk about what you are doing in a particular month of the year, you can use the preposition "im" plus the name of the month. For example, to say "in December", use "im Dezember".

Can you tell when in what year and what month the members of Franz' family were born? Use a construction with 'sein' (to be) plus geboren. The example will teach you how to say: 'He was born on September '76.'

Franz + September + '76
Franz ist im September '76 geboren.

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1) His brother + January '69
2) His sister + June '73
3) His mom + March 52
4) His dad + October 53

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