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Lesson 5: Talking about time & schedules

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The days of the week

This page will teach you seven new vocabularies namely the days of the week. When you use the weekdays in German to indicate on what day someone is doing something, the very same rules will apply as for using adverbs of time/frequency or the time of day.

Have a look at this table and memorize the German words for the days of the week.

die Wochethe weekder Tagthe day
der Wochentagthe weekday

All weekdays in German are masculine (der). To say "on Monday/Tuesday etc...", use the preposition "am" plus the weekday in German. For example: "am Montag" or "am Dienstag"

To say "on Mondays/Tuesdays", use "montags, dienstags, etc...". Note the fact that an s is added and that the weekdays are spelled in lower case.

Go through the week starting on Monday and finishing on Sunday and say in German, what you do on these days. Make a sentence with the given activity and with 'am' plus Wochentag at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence.


Am Montag arbeite ich am Computer.

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1) gehen +
6) gehen +

Tina's family is very organized. She is telling you what everyone does on certain days. Look at her sentences and then change the position of the information of time. Thus, if the information of time is at the beginning of the sentence, put it in the middle and vice versa.

Montags kocht meine Mutter unser Essen.
Meine Mutter kocht am Montag unser Essen.

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1) Dienstags putzt mein Bruder die Wohnung.
2) Mein Opa arbeitet mittwochs im Garten.
3) Donnerstags mäht mein Onkel seinen Rasen.
4) Freitags macht meine Oma die Wäsche.
5) Mein Cousin geht samstags ins Stadion.
6) Sonntags gehen wir ins Kino.

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