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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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There is one sentence in the exercise below that makes you use the genitive case with a person's name. Do you know which one it is and can you solve this problem?

Since the genitive in German is so similar to the English genitive (without the apostrophe), we haven't really practiced it in this lesson much.

Doing chores in the house: Can you say what the following family members do in the household?

Example: My mom + preparing the food
Meine Mutter kocht das Essen.

1) Our dad + fixing his bike
 repariert  .

2) My brother + setting our table
 deckt  .

3) Your (sing.) sister + making her bed
 macht  .

4) My grandpa + mowing his lawn
 mäht  .

5) Our Cousin (fem.) + doing the dishes
 spült  .

6) Sven + clean Marlene's apartment
Sven putzt  .


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