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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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For each given question, choose the correct answer by clicking on a radio button next to the answers. After submitting your exercise by pressing the "check"-button on the bottom of the page, wrong answers will be indicated with a !.

Determine for the following sentences, which part is the direct object and therefore has to be put into the accusative when translated into German.

Example: My sister sets the table.
the table

My dad fixes our car.
My dad !
fixes !
our car !
none of the above !

Bear with fish: Subject or direct object?

The bear eats a fish.
The bear !
eats !
a fish !
none of the above !

We are going to the park tomorrow.
are going !
the park !
tomorrow !
none of the above !

Our teacher was born in Switzerland.
Our teacher !
in !
Switzerland !
none of the above !

Our teacher teaches the German class.
Our teacher !
teaches !
the German class !
none of the above !


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