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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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How old are you: Talking about ages.

To ask for a person's age, use the following expressions, depending on the relationship you have with that person (formal or familiar).
Wie alt bist du?How old are you? (informal)
Wie alt sind Sie?How old are you? (formal)

To say, how old someone is, use the correct form of the verb 'sein' (to be), a number, and then 'Jahre alt':
Ich bin achtzehn Jahre alt.I'm 18 years old.
Du bist zwanzig Jahre alt.You are 20 years old.

Use the given cues to say in German, how old these members of Daniela's and Jens' family are.

Her brother + 9 years old
Ihr Bruder ist neun Jahre alt.

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1) Her sister + 17 years old
2) Her mother + 52 years old
3) Her boyfriend + 29 years old
4) His father + 51 years old
5) His brother + 31 years old
6) His girlfriend + 28 years old

Jens likes all kinds of technical things. Answer with yes or no whether he could have said the following things.

Das ist mein Fernseher.

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1) Das ist mein Radio.
2) Das ist mein Telefon.
3) Das ist meine Gitarre.
4) Das ist meine CD.
5) Das ist mein Spiel.

Martha is Kirsten's mother and Tom is her father. Her brother's name is Alex. Can you tell who says what about each other?

Kirsten about Martha
Martha ist meine Mutter

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1) Kirsten about Alex
2) Alex about Tom
3) Tom about Martha
4) Tom about Alex
5) Tom about Kirsten
6) Alex about Kirsten
7) Martha about Tom

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