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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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Die Familie (the family)

On the previous page, Kai and Daniela were talking about their families. You might have recognized certain words related to family members by similarity to their English counterparts. Here, we want to introduce those words that are useful, if you want to talk about your family.

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die Mutter
(the mother)

der Vater
(the father)

der Großvater
(the grandfather)

die Großmutter
(the grandmother)

der Sohn
(the son)

die Tochter
(the daughter)

die Schwester
(the sister)

der Bruder
(the brother)

die Tante
(the aunt)

der Onkel
(the uncle)

Note that for those words describing members of the family, the natural gender is the same as the grammatical gender (feminine = die; masculine = der). This makes things a little easier, when you talk about family.

Here are some more words related to families:
die Elternthe parentsder Mannthe husband
die Frauthe wifedie Omathe granny
der Opathe grandpadie Cousinethe cousin (fem.)
der Cousinthe cousin (masc.)

To talk about someone, who you are dating, use "der Freund" (boyfriend) or "die Freundin" (girlfriend).

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