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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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Review: Lesson 3

Another page of reviews. But this time it's about the previous lesson. Long time ago, isn't it? Try to solve the following exercises and try not to look up the grammar rules from the last lesson (Talking about doing things).

Since you learned so many new regular verbs in this chapter, we will use these verbs and conjugate them according to what you learned in the last lesson. Now, can you conjugate the regular verb kochen?



kochen (to cook/to prepare food)
1st personich
2nd persondu
3rd personer/sie


Nein (no): Petra is 15 and in the stubborn age and doesn't want to do, what her mom tells her to do in the house. She tries to postpone everything to the next day. Can you tell what she would say in response to her mom's questions?
Note that in the following exercise, the auxiliary is marked in blue, the main-verb (infinitive) is green and the direct object (accusative) of the sentence is red.

Petra, can you make your bed?
Nein! Ich werde mein Bett morgen machen.

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1) Can you set our table?
2) Can you do your laundry?
3) Can you do the dishes?
4) Can you play the piano? (difficult)

In the last sentence (4), the position of 'morgen' and the direct object 'Klavier' is different from the other sentences. Don't worry, you don't have to deal with this problem now. We will later learn how and where to position adverbs like 'morgen' or 'später'. By the way, it is not really wrong to say "Ich werde Klavier morgen spielen." instead of "Ich werde morgen Klavier spielen.".

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