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Lesson 4: The family and around the house

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Repeating everything through exercises

You forgot everything about the accusative because you spent time on learning the weather expressions? Don't worry. We will now repeat the whole accusative story on this page through three exercises.

Your imaginary family: Let's assume that your name is Wilfried and your wife's name is Gisela. You have two kids named Torben (boy) and Julia (girl). Your father's name is Hans and your mother's name is Hannelore. Can you say for the following family-members, what they would say about each other?

Torben about Julia
Sie ist meine Schwester

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1) Gisela about you
2) Julia about Torben
3) You about Julia
4) Gisela about Torben
5) Hans about Hannelore
6) Julia about Hannelore

When do you use the accusative? Can you tell which parts of the following English sentences would have to be put into the accusative when translated into German? Can you give a reason?

We are going into the park.
the park (preposition 'in' + direction)

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1) Mr. Smith paints the ceiling.
2) Andrew is calling his mom.
3) Jena is going into the supermarket.
4) Mrs Black is preparing the food.

Doing things around the house. Little Tom is 5 years old and terribly bored because everyone is doing some chores in the house. Can you translate into German what he is saying? Be careful with the accusative and possessive pronouns. Think about the fact that you have to add 'en' to the possessive pronoun if it is used in the accusative case.

My father is painting our ceiling.
Mein Vater streicht unsere Decke.

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1) My mom is preparing the food.
2) My brother is mowing our lawn.
3) My grandma is setting our table.
4) My sister is doing our laundry.
5) My grandpa is making my Bed.

In the last exercise, please note that subjects (nominative) are highlighted in green and direct objects (accusative) are highlighted in red.

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