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Lesson 3: Talking about doing things

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After mastering the exercise on this page, do you notice, how much German you are already able to speak?

Keep the good work and you will be able to talk in German to a native German speaker in no time!

Tanja and Kirsten are fighting about who can work on the computer. Can you complete the following dialog?

Example: Was ________ (would like) du machen?
Was möchtest du machen?

1) Ich  (would like) am Computer  (to work).

2) Aber  (I/me) möchte  (also) am Computer  (to work).

3) Das ist  (bad).
Du  (to work) immer (always) am Computer.

4) Das stimmt nicht (That's not true).
Du  (to be) sehr  (unfriendly) heute.

5) Du aber auch (But you, too).
Ok, ich  (will) später am Computer  (to work).

6) Du  (will) später  (to work on the Computer)? Danke.

7) Bitte (you are welcome). Ich  (will) jetzt im Garten relaxen.


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